About Us | Contact Us | 300 Bear Christiana Road | Bear, DE | 19701 Our Main focus in our Pre-School program is socialization. For many of the  children, this is the first time they will be interacting with others without  a parent present.  They will experience being part of a team by working  and playing with other children and adults.  Helping your child become a  happy, self-confident and well-adjusted individual is our ultimate goal.    Much of preschool learning is unseen in regards to so called “paperwork”,  but that doesn’t mean that learning isn’t taking place.  Children,  especially young children, learn better through play.    We embrace this concept and provide a wide range of hands-on  activitities that encourage children during class time.    During the course of each day, the children will have the opportunity to  participate in free play that will allow for personal interests skills and  provide individual attention.  Whole group experiences, such as circle  time and activity time are intended to develop listening skills and the  ability to follow directions as well as allow the practice of being part of a  large group. Child’s Classroom is designed to develop social skills and help your child learn about his/her environment.